Middle Atlantic Transportation

6A8556D9-3724-4534-8F1E-DFFA0CCC4134Revenues in 1940 were $510,252 and nearly doubled by 1946 to $909,683. In the 1946 New York, NY phone directory the company had a terminal at 508 West 24th Street. In 1953 Middle Atlantic operated over 3,047 miles of routes and revenues reached $9.2 million. In 1948 built a terminal in Detroit, Michigan on West Vernor Highway. In March 1951 completed a new 20 door terminal in Toledo, Ohio at 4108 LaGrange.


The matchbook cover advertised the company with a map showing the routes and on the inside of the matchbook cover had a listing of the terminals.image

An advertisement inside the April 1959 Edition of the Official New York City Motor Freight Guide. In 1959 the fleet consisted of 175 road tractors, 315 trailers and 400 city pick up and delivery units. Although based in New Britain, Connecticut the operations were based in Detroit where 70% of its fleet would come in or leave each week.
A typical Middle Atlantic tractor-trailer unit that would have been in the fleet just a few years before being acquired by Branch Motor Express.

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