Charlotte, NC Trucking Companies In 1960

From the 1960 City Directory we found these listings of trucking companies that were operating in Charlotte, NC in 1960
Akers Motor Lines Inc. 1100 South Clarkson St
Associated Transport Inc. 1001 South Clarkson
Atlantic States Motor Lines Inc 2426 North Graham St
Bell Lines Inc. 3450 North Graham St
Best Way Freight Line 214 West Tremont Av
Bison Fast Freight Inc 2529 North Tryon St
Bottoms-Fisk Truck Lines 2014 Vanderbilt Rd
Bowman Transportation Inc. 1325 Statesville Rd
Carolina Freight Carriers Corp North Graham St
Carolina-Norfolk Truck Line Inc 4027 Joe St
Central Motor Lines Inc 2600 North Tryon St and 124 E 6th St
Colonial Motor Freight Line 214 West Tremont
Cooper Motor Lines 2529 North Tryon St
Dance Freight Lines Inc. Johnson Rd
East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Transportation Co 144 Atando
R D Fowler Motor Lines 521 Penman St
Frederickson Motor Express Corp 3400 North Graham St
Great Southern Trucking Co. 3500 N Graham St
Grubb Motor Lines Inc. 126 W 29th St
Harris Express Inc. 1425 North Tryon St
Helderman Trucking Co. 1721 West Independence Blvd
Helms Motor Express Inc. 3233 Robinson Circle
Hennis Freight Lines Inc. 2800 North Tryon St
Huckabee Transport Corp. 1557 South Clarkson
Bruce Johnson Trucking Co Inc. 125 Craighead Rd
Kilgo Motor Freight Inc. 2041 South Tryon St
Mason & Dixon Lines 1721 West Independence Blvd
McLean Trucking Co. 3606 N Graham
Miller Motor Express 1807 West Independence
Morven Freight Lines 519 East Trade St
Mundy Motor Lines 1022 Woodward Av
Overland Transportation North Graham St
Piedmont Mountain Freight Lines 1905 West Trade St
Pilot Freight Carriers 5600 Wilkinson Blvd
RC Motor Lines 1927 South Tryon St
Rutherford Freight Lines 220 West 31st St
Shelby Motor Lines 519 E Trade
Smith’s Transfer Corp 220 West 31st
Standard Trucking Co 225 E 16th
Superior Motor Express 2529 N Tryon St
Tarheel Express Inc 519 East Trade St
Tennessee Carolina Transportation Inc 200 Atando Av
Thurston Motor Lines Inc 601 Johnson Rd and 1715 N Tryon St
Tower Lines Inc 2529 N Tryon St
Virginia-Carolina Freight Lines 710 Calvert St


4 thoughts on “Charlotte, NC Trucking Companies In 1960

  1. City directory is not exact, they were many more companies in Charlotte back then
    some address are incorrect
    As I recall Charlotte was second only to Chicago in trucking companies in our hey days
    Hope this blog does great


  2. City directory is not exact, the were many more companies in those days
    as I recall Charlotte was second to only Chicago in those days in trucking cos.
    Some addresses are incorrect
    Good luck on the blog


    1. Sorry to hear that some info is not correct on this blog. I rely on several sources and cannot verify some historical information since I was not there. If you provide correct info we will change our pages to reflect the changes. Thanks for your comment.


      1. Not trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill,don’t think you need to make a change
        city directory had bad info I think
        In 1955 Jim Ryder sold Northeastern Trucking Co’s operating authority to John Guignard
        The equipment was placed in Ryder Truck Lines fleet, we ran out of room on Statesville Rd moved to 3500 N Graham St
        Great Southern’s name had been changed to RTL before 1960

        Bell Lines was located on Johnston Rd, could have used Graham St as mailing address.
        Just to mention a few carriers not listed, Roadway, Overnite,Alterman,New Dixie,Lewis & Holmes
        R C Motor Lines,Bruce Johnson, these are a few from memory


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